Quality Measures

Quality and patient safety are top priorities at TMC. TMC strives to achieve and sustain optimal clinical outcomes for all of its patients through continuous improvement while providing care in the safest environment possible. Objectives include:
1. Improve the quality and safety of patient care;
2. Improve the patient and family experience;
3. Improve the quality and safety of the work environment; and
4. Achieve improved outcomes that exceed regulatory standards.
Continuous improvement involves identifying and measuring variances in current practice and services that may lead to less than optimal performance; implementing opportunities to improve existing performance; and monitoring to ensure that improvements are sustained.
Guiding principles include:
1. Patient outcomes and service come first.
2. Objectives focus and align with TMC’s mission, vision, and strategy.
3. Continuous improvement is data-driven, process-focused, and outcomes-based.
4. Creativity, innovation and risk-taking are fostered in an environment that values and encourages workforce participation.
5. Teamwork and collaboration are practiced, recognizing the unique and valuable contribution each member makes to the team.

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