Procedure Charge Lookup

Procedure Charge Lookup

Welcome to Truman Medical Centers’ (TMC) pricing webpage.

In an effort to keep our patients informed of prices associated with medical services and procedures performed at TMC, please read the following important information. It will assist you in determining an estimate for the more common medical services and procedures we provide. We further encourage you to contact your insurance provider to help determine what your out-of-pocket payments may be.

Please note:

  • Amounts shown include both hospital and physician prices, listed separately.
  • Many of our prices will be given as a “range” rather than one fixed amount. Prices can vary widely due to patient complications, physicians’ instructions and whether the service requires a hospital stay.
  • The amount shown as “the most commonly billed hospital price” is for the hospital’s services only, unless otherwise noted.
  • The amount shown as “physician’s price” is an estimate for a doctor’s service and does not include anesthesia. If anesthesia is included with your procedure, you will receive a separate bill.
  • Each procedure carefully explains whether fees for medications, supplies and/or additional tests are included or excluded from the total price.

Remember, the actual amount you may have to pay for any of the listed procedures:

  • Could be discounted as a result of existing contracts between the hospital and your insurance plan (including Medicare or Medicaid), specific provisions for uninsured patients, or other reasons.
  • Could be reduced because your insurance plan (including Medicare or Medicaid) may pay a portion of the charge for you.
  • Could vary due to the specific circumstances surrounding your health situation and the treatment needed.

The prices listed on this site are current as of January 2014. Tables are updated frequently. However, recent pricing changes may not be reflected.