Research Administration

Research Administration

Office of Research Administration

Researchers and clinicians at Truman Medical Centers (TMC) are actively engaged in research projects and clinical trials. The research includes clinicians’ and medical residents’ projects as well as federally funded protocols from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute oncology studies in collaboration with the Midwest Cancer Alliance, investigational pharmaceutical clinical trials, and other research that includes collaborations with other local institutions.

Before participating in a research study, potential participants need to consider many factors. Participation in research is optional and research projects are reviewed by an oversight committee called an Institutional Review Board (IRB). While TMC does not have its own IRB, TMC has affiliations with IRBs to review research conducted at TMC including the University of Missouri-Kansas City IRB which includes TMC staff on the committee. To learn more about participation in research from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, see:  and see additional info from the National Cancer Institute:

At TMC, there are many ongoing research studies and clinical trials. To search for active clinical trials, see the NIH registry:

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