Trauma Services

Trauma Services

Every year, serious injuries and accidents, bring patients to Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill for treatment.

As a Level I trauma center, Truman Medical Centers is a leader in providing the highest level of care for severely injured patients. The services of the TMC Trauma Services Program range from prevention to rehabilitation.

Under the Department of Surgery, Trauma Services provides leadership in injury-prevention programs, research, education, community outreach and trauma system planning.

The trauma staff is responsible for assisting with planning, coordinating, and maintaining Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill Level 1 Trauma Center status. TMC is one of the top Level 1 trauma centers in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Truman Medical Center received designation as a Level 1 Trauma Center in 1986. This distinction has been recently renewed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for the maximum five-year period. A Level I Trauma Center is a regional resource center that has the capacity of providing leadership and total care for every aspect of injury from prevention through rehabilitation. 

Community Services

Trauma Services conducts a variety of prevention programs in collaboration with schools, community groups and the court system throughout the Kansas City area and with national prevention programs.

  • Young Traffic Offenders Program - The Young Traffic Offenders Program was founded in 1997 to offer Missouri judges a new way to deter young people from speeding, drunken driving and other related driving offenses. When young drivers, ages 15 to 24 are convicted of these types of offenses, a judge can sentence them to attend a one-day program as part of their probation.
  • Aim 4 Peace – Aim 4 Peace is a comprehensive public health strategy designed to reduce violence by supporting people active in their community and by connecting residents to basic services.
  • Battle of the Belt – Battle of the Belt is a program developed to reduce the number of motor-vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among Missouri high school students by increasing their safety belt use.
  • Yellow Dot Program - provides a yellow dot window cling to be affixed in the back left rear window as a notification that there is medical and personal information available in the glove compartment of the involved vehicle. This decal provides immediate recognition for first responders that could be invaluable in providing emergency care but also in the patient handoff at the trauma center. The program is free to the community and has been shared with countless church groups and senior communities. 
  • Mocktail Social – Mocktail drink samples are offered to employees along with educational material about drinking and driving, and also with mocktail recipes.
  • Annual Injury Prevention Fair- Held at the City Market in the Spring, this fair provide information to help Kansas Citians avoid common, everyday injuries.