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The nursing division at Truman Medical Centers is committed to creating a culture of excellence that supports our mission, vision, values, and nursing strategic plan. We embrace shared decision making and empower TMC nurses to practice with autonomy and accountability through our shared governance structure. Professional practice encompasses lifelong professional development, evidence based practice, diverse learning opportunities, working with interdisciplinary teams, and a well-rounded stimulating work environment.

Our nurses work in collaboration with the healthcare team to drive practice changes, develop policies and procedures, and quality improvements. Truman nurses have a voice at the table. Our professional nursing environment is positive and we offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, flexible scheduling, tuition reimbursement, and a wealth of educational programs.


TMC Nursing Philosophy

The TMC Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) is a visual representation of the conceptual framework for TMC professional nursing practice. The model describes how nurses practice, collaborate, develop professionally, and provide high quality patient centered relationship based care. The PPM connects all nurses through a shared mission, vision, values, and trans-cultural caring behaviors.

TMC Nursing Belief Statements

The patient and their support system is the center of our professional practice model.

Our approach to patient centered care is grounded in relationship-based care (Koloroutis, 2004).

The work of Mary Koloroutis (2004), Patricia Benner (1984), Madeleine Leininger (1994) and Hoffart & Woods (1996) serve as the theoretical framework of our professional practice model.

Caring is the heart of our professional nursing practice and nursing incorporates the ten universal caring behaviors (Leininger, 1994) into the care delivery system:
• Respect
• Concern
• Helping
• Attention to Detail
• Presence/Being There
• Connection
• Protecting
• Touch
• Comfort Measures
• Adjusting The Environment

The provision of patient centered care encompasses the interdisciplinary team.

The RN accepts the responsibility, authority and accountability for his/her competent professional practice.

Transformational leaders and shared governance support our professional nursing practice and promote autonomy.

We value and support the quest for knowledge, the practice of lifelong learning, and continual professional development (Benner, 1984).

We provide high quality, evidence based and outcomes driven care to the patient while recognizing the inherent worth, dignity, and uniqueness of each individual.

Nursing Orientation Nursing orientation is a structured process that is individualized to assist both experienced nurses and new graduates to successfully integrate into the work setting. Working in concert with nursing leadership, the corporate clinical nurse consultants assist with unit-specific competency based education. The unit educator partners with the new hires to ensure a successful transition into independent practice.

Nurse Residency Program

TMC’s nurse residency programs provide a structured twelve month clinical and classroom program that provides the new graduate nurse or inexperienced RN with the opportunity to increase knowledge, education, technical skills, and professional behaviors. Built on Benner's model from ''Novice to Expert'', the clinical nurse resident will be able to demonstrate competency in direct patient care through a formulated and supervised clinical experience. Residency programs are available in Med-Surg., Perinatal, Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, and Behavioral Health.

Clinical Affiliations

As an academic medical center, TMC partners with strong nursing programs across the greater Kansas City area. We share training affiliations with several schools including the University of Missouri-Kansas City, William Jewell School of Nursing, Penn Valley Community College, MidAmerican Nazarene University, and University of Central Missouri. Whether students are pursuing an ADN, BSN or MSN, Truman Medical Centers offers a stimulating learning experience.

Professional Development

The Nursing Workforce Development Department supports many continuing education programs, including Basic Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, and Intermediate Fetal Monitoring. Most classes are free or offered at a nominal charge to employees. Ongoing educational opportunities are based on the results from the Annual Educational Assessment. Most of the offerings include nursing continuing education credit.

Nursing Career Development: We believe in providing our nursing team with innovative ways to advance their education. Tuition reimbursement and nursing scholarships are available for employees who qualify and are enrolled in an accredited nursing program. We have partnerships with local universities that includes matching scholarships and discounted tuition to further support our employees as they pursue their education.

Clinical Ladder

The Clinical Ladder program recognizes and rewards our front-line nurses with the opportunity for career development and advancement while maintaining a clinical focus. Promotion occurs as the nurse advances up the clinical ladder from ''Clinical Nurse'' through sequential progression to Clinical Nurse II, III, and IV. Each step on the ladder represents increased accountability and competency, along with a promotion in increase of base pay. There is a two-year requirement of maintenance of the promotion during each step of advancement or maintenance of the Clinical Ladder.

Relationship-Based Care

TMC places high value on people and relationships. This is evidenced by the adoption of the Relationship Based Care (RBC) model which places the patient and family in the center of the TMC environment. RBC is a culture shift to welcoming, appreciating, valuing, and empathizing and demonstrating these behaviors to the patients, families and our colleagues. Nurses are called to model these behaviors in our everyday interactions. Patient and nursing satisfaction is a one of the goals of RBC. We want to be the hospital of choice for Kansas City, and patient satisfaction is the key to achieving this goal. Through the active use of caring behaviors by TMC nurses, we are confident patient and nursing satisfaction scores will continue to rise.

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