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Passport to Wellness

TMC Introduces
Passport to Wellness 

Truman Medical Centers is distinguished for its expertise in the management of chronic diseases — diabetes, asthma, emphysema, COPD, sickle cell anemia, hypertension, and heart disease.

Recently introduced is "Passport to Wellness" which helps patients with chronic illnesses make lifestyle changes that will help them better manage their health, resulting in fewer hospital visits. Through education and a coached approach to lifestyle changes, a care team of health professionals will work to help them better understand their illness, teach them firsthand how to manage it and guide them to becoming their own advocate in managing the disease. The care team will also work to remove barriers that prevent them from following through with their care plans. The program was introduced to TMC employees in June 2010 and will soon be introduced to TMC patients.

"Passport to Wellness is designed to help our most ill patients, those with chronic diseases whom we see over and over again in our Emergency Department," says Shauna Roberts, MD, Corporate Quality Medical -Director. "The care team will help these patients with transportation to and preparedness for their doctor appointments, connect them to funding sources for their medications if they are having trouble paying for them, and make sure their doctors and nurses are communicating effectively with each other about the patient’s care. The long-term goal is that the patients learn to advocate for themselves."

TMC Passport to Wellness was introduced to TMC employees in June 2010 and will soon be introduced to TMC patients.








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