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Dental Services Elks Mobile

This program, the major philanthropic project of the Missouri Elks, provides for the dental needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout the state of Missouri. Utilizing a 33-foot dental van, the program brings accessible free dental services to the areas of the state that need it most.

Truman Medical Center Lakewood provides administrative expertise to operate and coordinate the program.

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Patient Eligibility
  1. Children and adults who have developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities (DD/ID) as identified by the Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities.
  2. Individuals in extreme financial distress who have found it impossible to receive dental care anywhere else. These individuals must be referred by the local Elk's Lodge. A letter of referral must come from the Lodge. (Limited number of appointments available).


  1. Individuals, 1-2 above, must be screened for their eligibility and their ability to receive treatment in a mobile clinic with the aid of local anesthesia when indicated.
  2. The Missouri Elks urge all eligible individuals currently under the care of a private dentist to continue treatment with him/her.


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