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Nursing Profiles

Who Are TMC Nurses?

Experienced Nurses

Rose Farnan, RN, BSN, ACRN

It's hard to believe that I have been at TMC almost 25 years! 

I can remember how overwhelmed I was when I first started on the Fourth Floor.  The patients had such complicated health conditions.  If it had not been for the mentoring and nurturing of some really awesome med-surge nurses, I'm sure I would not have lasted through my six months probation.  Not only did they share their expertise, they demonstrated the "heart" of TMC.

A different kind of nursing journey began when I transferred to the Infectious Disease Clinic.  It was in this clinic when nursing became "not just a job," but a career and a passion.  And, again, it is a journey that was only possible because of the nurses who guided me and mentored me.

One of the highlights of my career was being nominated for the Heart of Healthcare award.  That a fellow nurse that I hold in high esteem would nominate me is the greatest honor.  Receiving the award and sharing it with my colleagues is now a treasured memory.  However, I would never have made it to this point without the guidance of so many nurses.

TMC New Graduates
Drew Gooden, RN, BSN

Graduating from nursing school and taking boards are two very big steps in a new RN's life, and for many, including myself, are very stressful.  Taking a job at an urban, academic ICU rivals those two stressors -- hands down. 

Walking in that first day, I was so proud that I had earned my navy blue scrubs and was able to move on from my UMKC alma mater of royal blue scrubs.  The feeling of accomplishment was quickly replaced with the very real feeling that I had peoples' lives in my hands, and that the responsibility our jobs demanded was intense. 

My first summer, there were countless nights I laid in bed wide awake pondering the next day's challenges and going over the checklist of things I had learned in orientation. 

One of the big things I had to get used to wasn't talked about in nursing classrooms:  the idea of teamwork.  My biggest obstacle was building the confidence that it was "OK" to ask for help, and that our staff and co-workers are there to help each other.  I have learned to not only count on and trust my peers' clinical knowledge and skills, but also to realize that we are a team that will be there for each other, whether for a code blue or for turning a patient.

As the fear of the unknown and the ICU abated, I have realized that there is vast knowledge to be learned after school and that so much of your education occurs after graduation. 

Having just completed my first year of working at TMC, I'm able to look back and see how far I've come.  I've gone from being a green new grad whose heart skipped a beat every time my patient looked at me wrong to a more seasoned ICU nurse who knows what to expect from my patients, families, and the staff with whom we work. 

As a new grad, I encourage you to ask questions, respect the advice of those with experience, and remember that, in a matter of time, your comfort level will grow.  And you won't always be the new kid on the block.



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