Truman Medical Centers (TMC) announces, effective immediately, the Behavioral Health Emergency Department (BHED) located at 1000 E 24th Street, Kansas City, Missouri will no longer accept new patients, and current BHED patients will be relocated within the hospital’s inpatient facility or transferred to another psychiatric facility. 
TMC took over the Department on June 16, 2009. Formerly, the Emergency Department was operated by the State of Missouri as Western Missouri Mental Health Center.  TMC has operated the facility in the same model and has served approximately 30,000 patients in the past six years.
The hybrid model of having two entrances to the TMC Emergency Department (main and Behavioral Health), separated by two streets and 500 yards, has proven and continues to prove challenging under federal hospital regulations. 
That has become clearer under current regulatory review.  
As a result, TMC will close the department immediately, while working with the community and the State of Missouri to find a solution that will work given the current regulatory environment.  
Patients located in the Behavioral Health inpatient units at both TMC Health Sciences District and Lakewood will be unaffected by this closure. Inpatient units will remain open and community outpatient services will continue. TMC remains committed to serving those with behavioral health needs in the community with 50 acute care inpatient beds, 16 geriatric psychiatry beds, two community behavioral health centers and a variety of community-based behavioral health services.  
Staff members currently working in the BHED will be given the opportunity to fill other positions within TMC.  

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