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Careers at TMC

  • Overview

    Nursing JobsWhy Work at TMC?
    Providing accessible, quality health care to all patients who walk through our doors forms the foundation of what we do at Truman Medical Centers.

    We believe in the importance of investing in our employees, and offer a generous array of benefits. We take exceptional pride in the challenging and rewarding career paths we offer our employees, as well as the educational support that we provide them.

    If you do not see the position you are looking for, or have any questions, please contact one of our Recruiters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    The TMC Culture
    Working at Truman Medical Centers is about making a difference.  It's providing the best care to every patient every day.  The TMC culture is one of teamwork, collegiality, professionalism, mutual respect, and accountability, creating an exceptional place to work.

    Healthy KC Certified Company
    Healthy KC Certified 2018 LogoFor the second consecutive year, TMC was named a Healthy KC Certified Company by the Kansas City Chamber's Workplace Wellness Initiative. The designation signifies that TMC has made wellness a priority for its staff.

    TMC was certified platinum, the highest level. Healthy foods in the cafeteria and vending machines, on-site fitness facilities, and group fitness classes are just a few ways TMC is continuing to encourage good health for employees.

    Commitment to Diversity
    Truman Medical Centers is committed to being a leader in providing culturally inclusive health care services for patients in ways that are effective, fair, respectful, and culturally competent and in providing a culturally inclusive workplace for employees. We value and celebrate our differences, which include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, language, national origin, age, socioeconomic status, literacy, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, mobility, abilities, veteran status, and belief systems.

    TMC is Baby-Friendly
    Truman Medical Center Health Sciences District is the first and only Baby-Friendly hospital in Kansas City and the second in the state of Missouri as designated by the World Health Organization.

    The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is a global program that was launched by WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in 1991 to encourage and recognize hospitals and birthing centers when they have implemented the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. These steps are designed to promote breastfeeding as the generally preferred method for providing nutrition to newborns and infants.

    TMC is Tobacco Free
    Truman Medical Centers is committed to promoting and supporting a healthy community.  Because tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease and death in the United States, we do not hire people who smoke and smoking is not allowed anywhere on our campuses.

    Nursing at TMC
    As a nurse at Truman Medical Centers, you're among the best of the best. You'll discover a supportive, fast-paced environment where your life and the lives of the patients you serve are enriched.  A place where care is never compromised and patients come before profits.

    We're an academic medical center looking for high-caliber nurses who are committed to service, integrity and excellence to join our downtown Kansas City and suburban Jackson County locations.

    Glass DoorIf you are an experienced nurse looking for a career at a place where things are done differently and what you do makes a difference, discover Truman Medical Centers.


  • FAQs

    Nursing JobsHow will I know if TMC received my application?
    You will receive an email at the email address listed on your application letting you know your application was successfully submitted. Make sure to use an email address that you check often, as most communication about positions is through email.

    I submitted an application, but no one has contacted me to set up an interview?
    Once your application/resume has been submitted, it will be sent to a recruiter who will review your application.  Based upon your experience and your qualifications, you may be contacted to set up an interview or testing. However, an interview is not guaranteed. Make sure your contact information and email address is always updated.

    How do I apply for a position?
    All of TMC's open positions are located online at, under the Careers section.  You can review a list of our openings and apply for any position for which you are qualified. The webpage is updated on a daily basis, so check back often.  

    Please note TMC does not accept faxed or mailed resumes.  You will need to apply online for a position.

    If I submitted my application, will it automatically be kept on file?
    Resumes are kept on file for up to one year.  However, we strongly recommend applying for each position you are interested in.

    How long will it take to complete a profile?
    If you are a returning user, you will need to log-in and make sure your application and resume are up to date, then submit it to the position you are applying for. 

    If you are a new user, you will need to complete a profile and resume.  This takes about 10 to15 minutes, depending on the information you are submitting. 

    How can I determine if I'm qualified for a position?
    Looking at the minimum requirements of a position will tell you if you are qualified.  If you meet those requirements, we urge you to apply for the position.

    How do I check the status of my application?
    You will be contacted if selected for an interview or testing.  If you are not selected, you will receive an email explaining that you have not been selected for the position. 

    How do I save the completed portion of my application if I'm not finished?
    There is not an option to save a partial resume.  You will need to either start over when you have time or submit your application as is.  Make sure when you fill out an application you have time to submit the entire form and resume. 

    How do I update and change my profile?
    You will need to log-in and click the tab at the top titled “my profile.”  Update any new information and make sure you submit it at the bottom when you are complete.  You will also need to submit the second page.  Once you have updated your application, it will update all previous applications you have submitted.

    Do I have to build/attach a resume before completing my application?
    Yes, your application will not be considered for the position unless there is a resume attached or built to it.

    How do I withdraw from a position?
    You can call the front desk of the HR Department to let them know you are no longer interested in a position.  Please make sure to give the correct title and requisition number and they will forward to the appropriate recruiter.

    Can I delete positions attached to my profile?
    There is not an option for removing positions from your profile.  Once you have submitted an application, it has gone through the system.  If you are no longer interested in a position, you will need to call HR to let them know.  Please have the name of the position and requisition number.

    What do I do if I forget my password to log on?
    If you have already created a profile and forgotten your password, please click “Update Your Resume”, then “Forgot your Password”. Enter the email address associated with your profile and you will be emailed a link to reset your password.


  • Nursing

    Nursing JobsThe nursing division at Truman Medical Centers is committed to creating a culture of excellence that supports our mission, vision, values, and nursing strategic plan. We embrace shared decision making and empower TMC nurses to practice with autonomy and accountability through our shared governance structure. Professional practice encompasses lifelong professional development, evidence based practice, diverse learning opportunities, working with interdisciplinary teams, and a well-rounded stimulating work environment.

    Our nurses work in collaboration with the healthcare team to drive practice changes, develop policies and procedures, and quality improvements. Truman nurses have a voice at the table. Our professional nursing environment is positive and we offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, flexible scheduling, tuition reimbursement, and a wealth of educational programs.

    TMC Nursing Philosophy
    The TMC Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) is a visual representation of the conceptual framework for TMC professional nursing practice. The model describes how nurses practice, collaborate, develop professionally, and provide high quality patient centered relationship based care. The PPM connects all nurses through a shared mission, vision, values, and trans-cultural caring behaviors.

    TMC Nursing Belief Statements
    The patient and their support system is the center of our professional practice model.

    Our approach to patient centered care is grounded in relationship-based care (Koloroutis, 2004).

    The work of Mary Koloroutis (2004), Patricia Benner (1984), Madeleine Leininger (1994) and Hoffart & Woods (1996) serve as the theoretical framework of our professional practice model.

    Caring is the heart of our professional nursing practice and nursing incorporates the ten universal caring behaviors (Leininger, 1994) into the care delivery system:
    • Respect
    • Concern
    • Helping
    • Attention to Detail
    • Presence/Being There
    • Connection
    • Protecting
    • Touch
    • Comfort Measures
    • Adjusting The Environment

    The provision of patient centered care encompasses the interdisciplinary team.

    The RN accepts the responsibility, authority and accountability for his/her competent professional practice.

    Transformational leaders and shared governance support our professional nursing practice and promote autonomy.

    We value and support the quest for knowledge, the practice of lifelong learning, and continual professional development (Benner, 1984).

    We provide high quality, evidence based and outcomes driven care to the patient while recognizing the inherent worth, dignity, and uniqueness of each individual.

    Nursing Orientation Nursing orientation is a structured process that is individualized to assist both experienced nurses and new graduates to successfully integrate into the work setting. Working in concert with nursing leadership, the corporate clinical nurse consultants assist with unit-specific competency based education. The unit educator partners with the new hires to ensure a successful transition into independent practice.

    Clinical Affiliations
    As an academic medical center, TMC partners with strong nursing programs across the greater Kansas City area. We share training affiliations with several schools including the University of Missouri-Kansas City, William Jewell School of Nursing, Penn Valley Community College, MidAmerican Nazarene University, and University of Central Missouri. Whether students are pursuing an ADN, BSN or MSN, Truman Medical Centers offers a stimulating learning experience.

    Professional Development
    The Nursing Workforce Development Department supports many continuing education programs, including Basic Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, and Intermediate Fetal Monitoring. Most classes are free or offered at a nominal charge to employees. Ongoing educational opportunities are based on the results from the Annual Educational Assessment. Most of the offerings include nursing continuing education credit.

    Nursing Career Development: We believe in providing our nursing team with innovative ways to advance their education. Tuition reimbursement and nursing scholarships are available for employees who qualify and are enrolled in an accredited nursing program. We have partnerships with local universities that includes matching scholarships and discounted tuition to further support our employees as they pursue their education.

    Clinical Ladder
    The Clinical Ladder program recognizes and rewards our front-line nurses with the opportunity for career development and advancement while maintaining a clinical focus. Promotion occurs as the nurse advances up the clinical ladder from ''Clinical Nurse'' through sequential progression to Clinical Nurse II, III, and IV. Each step on the ladder represents increased accountability and competency, along with a promotion in increase of base pay. There is a two-year requirement of maintenance of the promotion during each step of advancement or maintenance of the Clinical Ladder.

    Relationship-Based Care
    TMC places high value on people and relationships. This is evidenced by the adoption of the Relationship Based Care (RBC) model which places the patient and family in the center of the TMC environment. RBC is a culture shift to welcoming, appreciating, valuing, and empathizing and demonstrating these behaviors to the patients, families and our colleagues. Nurses are called to model these behaviors in our everyday interactions. Patient and nursing satisfaction is a one of the goals of RBC. We want to be the hospital of choice for Kansas City, and patient satisfaction is the key to achieving this goal. Through the active use of caring behaviors by TMC nurses, we are confident patient and nursing satisfaction scores will continue to rise.


  • Testimonials

    Nursing JobsExperienced Nurses:

    It's hard to believe that I have been at TMC almost 25 years!

    I can remember how overwhelmed I was when I first started on the Fourth Floor. The patients had such complicated health conditions. If it had not been for the mentoring and nurturing of some really awesome med-surge nurses, I'm sure I would not have lasted through my six months probation. Not only did they share their expertise, they demonstrated the "heart" of TMC.

    A different kind of nursing journey began when I transferred to the Infectious Disease Clinic. It was in this clinic when nursing became "not just a job," but a career and a passion. And, again, it is a journey that was only possible because of the nurses who guided me and mentored me.

    One of the highlights of my career was being nominated for the Heart of Healthcare award. That a fellow nurse that I hold in high esteem would nominate me is the greatest honor. Receiving the award and sharing it with my colleagues is now a treasured memory. However, I would never have made it to this point without the guidance of so many nurses.

    Rose Farnan, RN, BSN, ACRN

    TMC New Graduates:

    Graduating from nursing school and taking boards are two very big steps in a new RN's life, and for many, including myself, are very stressful. Taking a job at an urban, academic ICU rivals those two stressors -- hands down.

    Walking in that first day, I was so proud that I had earned my navy blue scrubs and was able to move on from my UMKC alma mater of royal blue scrubs. The feeling of accomplishment was quickly replaced with the very real feeling that I had peoples' lives in my hands, and that the responsibility our jobs demanded was intense.

    My first summer, there were countless nights I laid in bed wide awake pondering the next day's challenges and going over the checklist of things I had learned in orientation.

    One of the big things I had to get used to wasn't talked about in nursing classrooms: the idea of teamwork. My biggest obstacle was building the confidence that it was "OK" to ask for help, and that our staff and co-workers are there to help each other. I have learned to not only count on and trust my peers' clinical knowledge and skills, but also to realize that we are a team that will be there for each other, whether for a code blue or for turning a patient.

    As the fear of the unknown and the ICU abated, I have realized that there is vast knowledge to be learned after school and that so much of your education occurs after graduation.

    Having just completed my first year of working at TMC, I'm able to look back and see how far I've come. I've gone from being a green new grad whose heart skipped a beat every time my patient looked at me wrong to a more seasoned ICU nurse who knows what to expect from my patients, families, and the staff with whom we work.

    As a new grad, I encourage you to ask questions, respect the advice of those with experience, and remember that, in a matter of time, your comfort level will grow. And you won't always be the new kid on the block.

    Drew Gooden, RN, BSN


  • Benefits

    Nursing JobsTruman Medical Centers offers a comprehensive benefits program with a variety of options for employees and their families.

    • Medical
    • Prescription Drug
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Employee Wellness Programs

    • Paid TIme Off
    • Short-Term Disability Plan
    • Jury Duty Leave
    • Bereavement Leave
    • Military Leave

    • Educational Assistance

    • 403(b) with Matching Contributions
    • Retirement Planning Consulting Services

    • Basic Term Life and AD&D Insurance
    • Business Travel Accident Insurance

    • Supplemental Term Life Insurance - Employee and Dependent
    • Long-Term Disability Coverage
    • Flexible Spending Plan
    • Legal Services Plan
    • Pet Insurance
    • Auto and Home Insurance
    • Credit Union and On-site Banking
    • Discounted Bus Passes
    • Lactation Rooms


  • Nurse Residency Program


    Truman Medical Centers (TMC) Nursing Administration is proud to offer a Nurse Residency Program (NRP), which introduces the new graduate to the nursing profession by providing clinical and leadership training and support as the nurse transitions to a full partner on the healthcare team. Truman has partnered with the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ to provide resources to help our new nurses gain confidence and increase competence during this 12-month program. As part of the program TMC will provide new graduates with support and development in the following ways:

    • Provide a standardized curriculum of classroom and simulation.
    • Monthly seminars and specialty courses designed for your specific unit.
    • Topics to be covered include patient safety, evidenced-based practice, procedure specifics, time management techniques, conflict resolution techniques, communication skills, stress management techniques and professional development training.
    • Provide a structured clinical orientation with a preceptor(s) along with consistent preceptor feedback. You will have a preceptor(s) or mentor(s) support person during the Nurse Residency Program.
    • Provide a venue for RN role development as well as nursing survival skills.
    • Provide a setting for relationship building with other new graduates using a cohort model.
    • Monthly meetings with your Nurse Residency Coordinator and preceptor for progress reports.
    • Mentorship while completing a facilitated Evidence-Based Practice project.
    • Paid salary and benefits for hours worked while in the Nurse Residency Program.


    To be considered for the program, residents should:

    • Hold an associates or bachelor’s in nursing science from an institution accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
    • Have a GPA of at least 3.0
    • Licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state of Missouri or eligible to take the NCLEX within 90 days of graduation
    • Be a nurse for less than six months
    • Commit to the one-year residency program
    Nurses who apply for a specific RN position at Truman Medical Center and have less than six months of experience as a nurse will automatically be placed into the Nurse Residency Program.


    • Nurse Residency Program positions are listed as Residency Clinical Nurse RN
    • New Graduate Nurses are hired into all clinical areas, including specialty areas, depending on need
    • A new cohort starts 3 times a year


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