Coping in times of COVID-19

Quick list created by Tiffany Ruffin, PsyD

  • Gratitude
    • List three things you are grateful for every day for 30 days
    • Write a letter to someone sharing how he/she has impacted your life and share it with that person
  • Music
    • Powersong
      • Find a song that makes you feel empowered and listen to it every day, focusing on how you feel when you listen to it
    • Power play list
      • Compile you/your family’s powersongs to create a power play list
    • Boundaries
      • Limit exposure to news, do not check news/texts/info about COVID-19 except at specific times throughout the day (e.g. no more than once every 3 hours)
      • Be direct with family and friends if they are sending information that is overwhelming to you
    • Increase sense of control
      • Create routine/structure as much as possible
      • Mindfully breath (in through nose and out through mouth slow and controlled) to focus on learning how to control your breathing
    • Stay healthy
      • Find positive news stories to balance with all the negativity (i.e. the penguins at the zoo walking around freely)
      • Drink water, move your body, make healthy food choices, use social support including online platforms (e.g. Netflix party, virtual game nights, online support groups)
      • Many therapists are offering telebehavioral health sessions for additional support.

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