Your Breastfeeding Plan

You can start implementing your Breastfeeding Plan before baby is born. If you’ve missed the first two parts of our series, click here to go to the beginning.

After your baby is born you can:
• Keep your baby in your room all the time so you will see when you baby shows you it is time to breastfeed.
• Hold your baby as much as possible. Babies want to breastfeed when they can feel and smell their mothers. Holding baby skin to skin is best for learning breastfeeding.
• Breastfeed! Your baby may want to breastfeed 8 to 12 times in 24 hours.
• Learn to squeeze milk out of your breast with your hand.
• Try breastfeeding standing up.
• Wait 2 weeks before giving your baby any bottles or pacifiers.
• Ask for help if you have pain or questions during or after breastfeeding
  o Contact Health Sciences District Lactation Services at 816-404-0474
  o Contact Lakewood Hospital at 816-404-8260

How do I know my baby is getting enough to eat?

Tips for storing breast milk

Both campuses of Truman Medical Center are designated Baby-Friendly hospitals


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