Tru Stories-
TMC Staff Helping Patients


Thanks to the fast action of TMC Lakewood Rapid Response, the outcome was positive for one of their co-workers who suddenly started to suffer from a stroke.

Montana Couple's Unexpected TMC Visit

TMC nurses helped a Montana woman feel at home during an unexpected trip to the hospital while in Kansas City for a reunion.  

TMC Nurse Evoline Burns

ICU nurse Evoline Burns helped the mother of a 17-year old patient who had to make a difficult decision.

TMC patient Rodney Curren thanks staff

A man with chest pains was rushed to Truman Medical Centers where he underwent heart surgery. Now – several months later – TMC patient Rodney Curren has lost weight, quit smoking, and developed healthy eating habits. He credits his dramatic turnaround to many staff members at TMC, especially those in the Cardiac Rehab Unit.


National Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15th and recognizes the important contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. A member of the TMC family provides a valuable service to patients thanks to her Hispanic roots.

TMC Nursing Awards

Team Member of the Year award – Charmaine Williams

TMC staff discuss Dawn Ezell, this year's Emerging Leader award recipient.

TMC staff discuss Pam Hinrichs, the 2019 Experienced Leader award recipient. 

TMC staff discuss Evoline Burns, the 2019 Carol Evrard Mentorship Award recipient.

TMC staff discuss Tara McWhorter, the 2019 Hiersteiner Award HSD recipient. 

TMC staff discuss Everlyne Milimu, the 2019 Hiersteiner LW award recipient. 

The Leadership Perspective

What’s on Gerard’s Desk?

Gerard Grimaldi is Chief of Health Policy and Governmental Relations at Truman Medical Centers. Find out what Gerard does every day to make Truman KC’s Essential hospital.

What’s on Lynette Wheeler’s Desk?

Lynette Wheeler is Chief Operating Officer at Truman Medical Center Lakewood. Learn some details for the future of TMC Lakewood.

What’s on Mitzi Cardenas’ Desk?

Mitzi Cardenas is Executive Administrative Officer at Truman Medical Centers. She shares a few moments of what’s coming next at TMC.

What’s on Charlie Shields’ Desk?

Charlie Shields serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Truman Medical Centers.  Charlie reveals his unique perspective to where TMC has been and what’s next for Kansas City’s Essential Hospital.

University Health 2 Begins

Demolition of the Felix Building begins and University Health 2 details are shown.


Executive Chief Clinical Officer of Truman Medical Centers, Dr Mark Steele shares some of what crosses his desk and insights of Truman Medical Centers. Kansas City’s Essential Hospital and a leading academic medical facility.

President & CEO, Charlie Shields TMC & UH Crane Update

Kansas City's Truman Medical Centers: We've Got This


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